Season 1, Episode #1: A Legacy Life

In Episode 1, Honky Tonk Papa Podcast Producer Amy Connah Hudson and Guest Host Cira Lara (right) discuss how and why Amy decided to create a podcast about her father, Atlanta artist and musician Whit Connah. Several months after Amy lost her mother and father in 2016, she went on a mission to get their stories. She conducted audio interviews with close friends and family members in Atlanta and across the country.

Amy shares stories about her father’s illness and how he lived his last four months of life with joy, humor, courage, and an intense love for his family, friends, and community. While diving deep into the legacy he left, she also explores how we can all be more mindful about living a legacy life.

In future episodes Amy will invite you into some of her early interviews, as well as many more new conversations to come. Hop on board the Honky Tonk Papa Podcast, and subscribe to the show so you don’t miss an episode!

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