Season 2, Episode #2: Whit the Songwriter, Part 2

We hope you’re enjoying Season 2 of the Honky Tonk Papa podcast!

Your guest host, and my cousin, Lee Connah returns with a new episode filled with captivating stories and music about my father, Atlanta artist and musician Whit Connah. Lee’s exploration takes us back in time to revisit the antics of Whit and his longtime partner in crime, Albert Smith, followed by a a virtual trip to the Galax Fiddlers Convention, insightful conversations about Whit’s songwriting process and a closer look at two more Whit originals, “Hungry Ghosts” and “Dark Angels.” If you missed Episode 1, be sure to go back and listen for the back story behind this series and a deep dive into the songs “Holy Robes” and “Ponce de Leon Avenue.”

– Show Host & Producer Amy Connah Hudson

Whit the Songwriter, Episode 2 Highlights:

Lee was inspired to make a cranky based on Dark Angels in 2015, before Whit’s illness. A cranky is a scrolling panorama of images that tells a story accompanied by music. Here’s the cranky as Lee described it in the episode.

Lee running the cranky at the 2018 tribute to Whit’s life, art and music at the Chosewood Ballroom in Atlanta. Photo credit: John Boydston
A behind the scenes peek at the cranky in action. Photo credit: John Boydston


The Bill “Mo-nroe-jo” Michael describes in the episode came from Whit with a series of postcards.

Whit’s daughters Jenny (l) and Amy (r) were there when he received his first-ever royalty check for one of his original songs, Dark Angels, 2 days before his passing.

Guests in order of appearance:

John Ferguson, Albert Smith, Barbara Panter-Connah, Mitchell Gibbs and Michael Daves.

Music featured in this episode:

Roving Rounder. (Intro) Written by Whit Connah. Performed by Whit & Michael Daves. Sound design by Dave Spencer. Host introduction by Kenneth Johnson.

Back Step Ellie (Background to Amy’s intro). Written by Barbara Panter-Connah. Performed by Barbara and Hair of the Dog on the band’s album, Mongrel.

Cajun Intro. Performed by Hair of the Dog.

Soldier’s Joy. Traditional old-time tune. Performed by friends and family. (Since the early 1970s, it’s been a family tradition to play this song right before midnight every New Year’s Eve.)

Medley (during John’s Interview). Performed by Albert, Whit and Hurt Dog.

Cajun Instrumental. Performed by Barbara Panter-Connah.

The Cuckoo. Traditional old-time tune. Performed by The Rosin Sisters: Barbara Panter-Connah, Ann Whitley and Jan Smith.

Give the Fiddler a Dram. Traditional old-time tune. Performed by The Rosin Sisters: Barbara Panter-Connah, Ann Whitley and Jan Smith.

Long Tall Sally. Performed by Hurt Dog.

Sweet Magnolia from Mongolia. Written by Whit Connah, performed by Hurt Dog.

Cajun Interlude. Performed by Hair of the Dog.

Hungry Ghosts. Written by Whit Connah, performed by Hair of the Dog.

Dark Angels. Written by Whit Connah, performed by Whit Connah, Barbara Panter-Connah and Michael Daves.

Cajun Outro. Performed by Whit and Hair of the Dog.

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