How the podcast came to be…

Several months after Whit passed away in August 2016, his daughter Amy Connah Hudson felt called to capture the stories of his life. Amy set out on a mission to interview as many people as she could. At the time, she wasn’t quite sure how she would share the interviews. Several months later, the answer was revealed as she began to build the concept for the Honky Tonk Papa Podcast and launched the show in October 2019. Some episodes will invite you to take a trip back in time to listen in on those earlier interviews; other episodes will bring you right into the present moment to hear brand new conversations. The consistent theme running throughout is legacy. Not just Whit’s legacy, but our own. How are we living a life that impacts others in a positive way? You can hear more about that in Episode 1: A Legacy Life.

And… you’ll often get to hear some of the most authentic music you could ever hope to find; some of it polished from a recording studio, and some rough and raw from a front porch or living room jam session. Podcast guest Cameron Connah describes it this way in Episode 2: “I would reach for some old homemade recordings any day to hear Whit and Barbara play and sing because it’s so real and true. It’s my music. It hits me to the core very deeply.


The production of the Honky Tonk Papa podcast wouldn’t be possible without our community of supporters. Your help is not forgotten. Your actions – telling others about the show, Offering encouragement and innovative ideas, donating – and more – greatly contribute to the success of the podcast. Thank you to:

  • Barbara Panter-Connah for being the backbone of this endeavor to honor Whit in more ways than can ever be counted. (Don’t miss Barbara’s interview and the  wonderful music featured in Episode 4 Amor Eterno.)
  • Michael Daves for recording the version of Whit’s song Roving Rounder featured in the intro – and for the various audio files you’ve graciously provided for inclusion in certain episodes
  • Dave Spencer for the trailer/intro sound design
  • Kenneth Johnson for lending your voice to introduce the show
  • Billy Barron at the Gwinnett Public Library for technical instruction and assistance
  • Angela Manning for the logo design
  • Lauren Waits for the stellar recording equipment
  • Each and every person willing to share your story and be a guest on the show
  • Everyone who donated to the GoFundMe drive. Your support helps cover costs to maintain this website and the host site that distributes each episode to the top podcast apps, as well as editing assistance, marketing, potential licensing fees, and more.