What people are saying:

Wow!! I’m addicted to Honky Tonk Papa. I feel like part of the family. It’s like having a present you haven’t unwrapped. Great music and learning… keep up the great work!!!! – Michael Dickerson 

What a wonderful tribute to one of my personal heroes, Whit Connah. Whit singing and harping on “14 days in Georgia”! LOVE!!! He was a great inspiration and loving mentor to so many in his extended musical family. Now, new folks will get to hear the story of this dear, very special man and artist thru this podcast – Moira Nelligan

I like podcasts a lot but I love this podcast. I feel that I am sitting in the room and that I am part of the conversation. I can’t wait to share this with my community. – Will Sellers

The life, times, and legacy, the art and music, of this one man will resonate with everyone on some level. The podcast already has me thinking about what “legacy” really means and how to live my authentic life. The conversational style of the interviews is engaging and the craftsmanship of the production is first rate. I am looking forward to more! – Lee Connah

Amy Hudson hit a home run. I can’t wait to listen to the next episode! I love the themes of leaving a legacy – a body of work and relationships, Amy’s authenticity, and plans to cover depression and grief all tied together by joyful music. Wonderful work! Oh, and her voice is perfect for the podcast world. Warm and engaging. She naturally draws people into her stories. – Barbara Myers 

I just listened to HTP podcast, very seldom do I do any one thing for 48 min. Really enjoyed it, this was the best podcast I’ve ever heard, ok, it was the first one I ever heard… Your legacy may be as a famous broadcaster, Love stories about Whit, we were buds. Randy Elrod